Full circle

The full ring - 80 yuan

A complete circle is originally a thermometry ring that reflects the firing temperature.

Accurate and effective temperature measurement is required in the production of ceramic products, but most measurement methods or tools are limited in time and space. For example, a hotspot does not measure the temperature of the product itself, but rather the ambient temperature at which the entire product is fired. In addition, it can only measure radiant heat without measuring the heat of conduction from the kiln furniture.

Hongzhou creative hand-made products, full ring (measurement ring), like its role, the overall temperature of the kiln temperature display, can not accurately show the most suitable kiln tiles, pottery, art porcelain and other temperatures, need to measure the temperature ring "hand in hand "A perfect and delicate display of the optimum billet temperature can perfectly present the art of the tile and tie it to a Chinese knot, symbolizing the completeness of Fu Hui and presenting Hong Zhou's attitude and presenting the spirit of Taiwanese people as "serious."

★ Provide a ceramic temperature ring to allow visitors to paint freely, and after the bake, the Chinese knot is handed to the tourists' collection.